The slogan of the real estate investment in Germany for year 2018 : Continuity, Reliability, Profitability.

While the first effects of Brexit are felt, Germany becomes THE economic model to follow. Economic safety, low renting vacancy, serious and careful tenants, advantageous tax system, interesting capital gains, the German real estate market accumulates the good points and is extremely appreciated by the local and foreign investors.

In 2017, more than 57 billion euros were invested in the German stone, among which 1/3 unresidential; let be an increase of 25 % meadows in two years. This increase continues in 2018.

In 2018, the market continues to develop and to extend towards less expensive, secondary cities, among which many have a potential or rapidly expanding, but also towards extremely student cities, in particular east of country, where several million euros were invested.

Let us remind that Germany is the best pupil of the big European countries. Ended Year 2017 with an increase of the 2,2 % GDP(GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT) (most sharp increase in its GDP(GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT) for six years), a budget surplus of millards 38,4, accompanied by a record trade surplus as well as an unemployment at the lowest in 5,7 % is a situation of full employment. As for the morale of the bosses, it reached in October its highest level since 2011.

Who can top that?

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