The NOBILIS INVESTMENT’s Club Deal : Enter the closed circle of the stone with high potential

That it’s about a medium-term investment with a research of Value Added / opportunist, or for an investment more centred on a long duration with a secured asset, the Club Deal seduces more and more the customers of private banking, in family offices and the private investors in search of yield and stability.

For a long time reserved for institutionals investors, NOBILIS INVESTMENT allows you to benefit of his experience in the structuring of club deal for an entrance ticket between 150.000 € ans 2 millions euros and to play the real estate diversification, to dilute risks of investments and to get of the yield.

To copy on the Modus Operandi of Private Equity, the Club Deal bring togetherbetween 2 or 10 investors, having each some liquid assets at the level of what is indicated above, even more, and allows them to acquire a precise real estate asset with a dertermined profitability in advance and accompanied by a professional of the investment and the asset management.

Management company will have, as his name indicate it, vocation to administer the asset during all the duration of detention, but she will also be co-investor, will develop upstream the business plan, will emphasize assets, and will define the future strategy.

The investors are generally bring together in a company like SAS, they are shareholders or has convertible bonds.

The contributions in current accounts of investors shall represent until 50% of stockholder’s equity according to the strategy and the complement is financed by a bank credit (leverage of the loan).

Do not hesitate to contact us to study our current projects and join the circle.

Nobilis Investment

5 Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg

00352 661 988 977

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