Club Deal

Pattern of the investment

Process of investment

  • Creation of the legal structure
  • Writing of shareholders' agreement
  • Creation of an receiver account
  • Presentation of the investment (under offer with exclusivity of study)
  • Investment’s committee for decision-making :
  • Acquisition memo
  • Purchase contract
  • Certificate of financing
  • Reporting legal due diligence
  • Fiscal report (for share deal)
  • Technical expertise of the building
  • Value expertise
  • Diagram of flows
  • Simulation of the rate of return

Investment Management

Selection process

  • Assets research
  • Acquisition’s audit (rental, legal, technical)
  • Market survey

Preparatory process

  • Business plan of the operation
  • Negociation
  • Implementation of the offer
  • Pre-agreement of the funding

Acquisition process

  • Monitoring of due diligence
  • Projected
  • Financing package
  • Expertise
  • Acquisition

Property Management


  • Research of tenants
  • Audit of tenants
  • Negotiation the best conditions
  • Supervision of building arrangements
  • Relations with the tenants


  • Modernisation works
  • Optimization of the rents
  • Improvement of the level of expenses
  • Follow-up of the maintenance works
  • Repositioning of the asset


  • Receipt of the rents
  • Revaluation of the rents
  • Control of the expenses
  • Follow-up of the maintenance works
  • Reporting of the renting states


Management of contracts

  • Seizure of all the source data of the property
  • Seizure of all the source data of the tenants
  • Make sure of agreed deposit
  • Obtain authorizations regarding price compared with indexing clauses
  • Execution of all the contracts with the tenants
  • Control of the reception of the payments of rents and expenses
  • Organisation de procédures extrajudiciaires d'injonction de payer
  • Check and payment of all the spending
  • Check of the agreed indexing clauses of the rents
  • Check of the level of the prices of the rents
  • Proposals of adaptation of the increases of rents
  • Adjustment of the adaptation of the rents
  • Fast regularization of provisions payments for maintenance
  • Delivery of power to go to court for the actions in payment for any nature within the framework of the contractual relation of rent, lease and use as well for the eviction of places and finally for the application of the rights of the mandator withinh the framework of the management and the operation of the property object of the contrat.


  • Determination, invoicing of all the revenues and expenditures
  • Establishment of a list updated of the delays in payment
  • Establishment of the discount of secondary loads and covering, if necessary claiming and possibly proposal of adaptation of the pre-payment
  • Management of all the payments

General management

  • Conclusion and termination of rental agreements, re-rental including search for tenants as weel as a check of the credibility of the potential tenant and the regulation of all the problems with the tenants
  • Reception and delivery of the units rented during tenants' changes
  • Control of the cover by insurance of the property, the payment of the possible disasters; in case of differences of important bonuses, the termination and the conclusion of new insurance contracts
  • Representation of the mandator within the framework of the property with all the authorities
  • Claiming of rights of guarantee and exercise rights of retention
  • Check of the set of operating costs and their surveillance
  • Management of files and documentary evidences
  • Management of the deposits of the tenants

Technical management of the building

  • Make sure of the smooth running of the heating systems, sanitary and other of the property, including the conclusion and the termination of supply contracts and of maintenance
  • Signing of the works necessary for the maintenance, the maintenance and for the necessary reparations of the property
  • If the amount of the planned works exceeds the 5.000,00 euros, the real estate administrator has to as kat least for three estimate. If the signing of the market does not return at least offering, it’s advisable for that purpose to ask for the agreement of the mandator.
  • Conclusion and termination of caretaker's contracts as well as contracts with other providers (e.g. for the cleaning of the building, the ways and the paths, the outside installations).Monitoring and control of the activity of the above-mentioned people with regard tothe property.
  • Information of the mandator about all the important matters in touch with the property.

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